Aims & Objectives

History is a foundation subject within the National Curriculum. The aims of teaching History at Sunningdale School are consistent with our school philosophy and take account of the National Curriculum Non-statutory Guidelines for History.

To give children a sense of their own identity within our social, political, cultural and economic background and relationships.
To prepare children for living and working in the contemporary world.
To fulfil the requirements of National Curriculum and Common Entrance syllabuses for History.
To ensure the progressive development of historical concepts, knowledge, skills and attitudes.
To provide a History curriculum which is broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated.
To promote positive attitudes towards and enthusiasm for History work in school.
To help children to study life in the past – the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, problems and actions of people who related to each other and their environment.
To help children gain a level of historical understanding appropriate to their age, ability and maturity.
For children to value History as a subject in its own right as well as understanding its contribution to other curriculum areas and cross-curricular themes and dimensions.

Topic Areas

Medieval Realms: Britain 1066-1485
The Making of the United Kingdom: 1485-1750

Britain 1750-circa 1900