Aims & Objectives

To stimulate curiosity and enthusiasm for French and for the associated culture and traditions.
To realise and maximise the linguistic potential of every pupil.
To develop the ability to use French for purposes of practical communication.
To create a stimulating atmosphere where pupils enjoy learning.
To employ up to date teaching methods and resources which allow all pupils to experience success and enjoyment in their work, whatever their ability.

The basis for the Schemes of work is the ISEB Common Entrance French Syllabus. Pupils will be able, according to their different abilities:

  • To follow verbal and written instructions in the target language.
  • To understand either the gist or the detailed content of spontaneous conversation or recordings of native speakers, in a range of formal and informal registers within a number of topic areas.
  • To use the spoken language effectively and accurately in discussion and narration.
  • To identify the important points or the detailed content of written passages and to appreciate the main themes or arguments.
  • To use the written language with clarity and precision in controlled situations and in expressing their own ideas.

Topic areas

Classroom language
Time, dates, numbers, prices
Home, daily routine and chores
Personal Description
Meeting People
Family, friends and pets
Places in town
Tourist information
Finding the way
Travel and transport              
Free time and leisure activities
Visiting a cafe or restaurant
Body, illness and treatment

Description of countries, towns and regions