Aims & Objectives

English at Sunningdale aims to:

  • Provide the widest range of social, cultural and academic experiences from which to generate independent and well evidenced opinions and considered judgements.
  • Inspire pupils to read and develop a love of reading.
  • Use a variety of literacy strategies to help pupils with different needs.
  • Ensure that pupils learn Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG).
  • Promote clear, legible, cursive handwriting.

Topic Areas

Reading: Appropriate non-fiction and fiction, various styles of writing, award winning literature and classical fiction.

Speaking and Listening: Class discussions, class and school debates, declamations and elections.

Writing: Awareness of ‘point of view’ and different methods of communication, such as: poetry, prose, essays, letters, emails, speeches, advertisements. Importance of accurate SPAG emphasized and taught rigorously.


Class debates are held throughout the year and the House Debating Final is held in public towards the end of the academic year.